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Everyone knows how bad is Internet Explorer as the internet browser compared to other browsers. Still, Microsoft is pushing it with the Windows OS everything. Now, the Security Chief at Microsoft said in an interview that the Internet Explorer is not a browser to use daily. That means, Microsoft might not work on the Internet Explorer anymore and might discontinue the same in upcoming days. This means we can see more focus on the Edge browser.

Microsoft’s Security Chief said in an official blog post that the Internet Explorer is not a browser and just a compatibility solution for the operating systems. He also said that as a compatibility solution, users should not access it as their daily drivers to prevent any security issues. In other words, he advised the users to ditch Internet Explorer and start using the Edge browser, which is now the primary browser in the Windows 10 operating system. Chris Jackson, Security Chief at Microsoft said that the people should only use internet explorer to see the internal websites that are on the local network or older sites that just run correctly on Internet Explorer.

According to Chris Jackson, Microsoft has stopped providing support updates for the Internet Explorer browser. Also, it doesn’t support modern web standards like HTML5, and many sites may not load properly. Even though popular websites like Google and Facebook do run properly, it is not advised to open other sites not compatible on the IE browser. Microsoft’s Edge browser is not performing good in the market due to the unappealing interface and lack of promotions. Now, Microsoft will soon release the revamped Edge browser with Google’s Chromium Engine to gain confidence in the eyes of their users.

Tajammul Pangarkar

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