India election 2019: live updates
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Many hope Priyanka Gandhi’s decision to enter into frontline politics will provide a boost to the Congress party ahead of the polls, on April 11.

Priyanka Gandhi, the youngest member of the Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty, has used her first ever national campaign speech to focus on the importance of “political awareness.”

Gandhi, who officially entered into frontline politics in January this year, made the pitch while addressing a Congress party rally in Gujarat, the home state of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Tuesday.

“There is no stronger patriotism than being aware. It is your awareness that is a weapon. Your vote is a weapon,” said Gandhi. “This is the kind of weapon that will make you stronger.”

Throughout the speech, Gandhi appeared to target Modi without explicitly using his name.

“Those who talk big in front of you, make big promises to you — ask them — the 20 million jobs that were promised, where are the jobs?”

The Congress party has so far focused heavily on what they claim is Modi’s failed bid to overhaul the country’s economy amid rising rates of unemployment.

“How will the youth get employment, how will women feel safe and move ahead, what can be done for the farmers — these are the issues,” said Gandhi.

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