What students think about iOS 12 Screentime feature
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Apple recently came out with a new iOS 12 feature called Screentime, which shows how much time someone spends on their phone and which apps they use the most. The Daily Nebraskan asked students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln what they thought about the new feature and if they found their total screen time surprising.

“I like the app, I think it’s nice to know how long I’ve been on my phone so I know whether or not I need to limit my time using electronics.”

-Nia Martinez, freshman biochemistry major

“Yes, I think it will help people to be more conscious about how much time they’re spending on their phone.”

-Abbey Morin, sophomore film studies major

“Nothing really surprised me about it, I knew that I spent a lot of time on my phone. This just helped me categorize what I was spending most of my time on.”  

-DaRon Johnson, sophomore English and communications double major

“I like that you can see how you are spending your time on your phone. It helps to realize how much time and energy you are putting into spending your time on entertainment apps, your phone being on sleep mode, etc.”

-Kate Reyome, junior textiles, merchandising and fashion design major

“From a consumer standpoint, I don’t think an earlier release would have made much of a difference. However for app-makers, it can help them figure out which demographics of people like and use their app most.”

-Evelyn Koch, junior forensic science major

“I guess I mostly never understood how much I am on my phone answering emails or scrolling through social media. I spend probably 60 percent of my day on a screen between my phone and computer, so it is just shocking to understand the real time.”  

-Melinda Frank, senior English major  


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