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Hybrid cloud connectivity company Cloud Gateway has announced its partnership with Equinix, to create a new cloud connectivity platform with the aim of promoting a multicloud strategy for enterprises to follow.

The partnership will combine Cloud Gateway’s hybrid
connectivity PaaS, with Equinix’s Cloud Exchange (ECX) Fabric’s ecosystem of
1,800 network and 2,900 cloud and IT service providers.

Cloud Gateway have said that this will provide businesses
with ‘one streamlined and secure platform to quickly deploy hybrid digital
infrastructure anywhere in the world’.

“Organisations are increasingly embracing multi and hybrid
cloud strategies and taking them seriously, rather than seeing it as something
to aspire to,” said Justin Day, CEO of Cloud Gateway.

Partnering with Equinix will allow us to offer customers our rapid, flexible and secure cloud connectivity platform, backed by Equinix’s extensive physical infrastructure.

“This will ultimately help businesses reach the market
faster and help them maximise their competitive advantage.”

Cloud Gateway added that upon their analysis, they made the
discovery that businesses face four main challenges when creating digital
infrastructure, thus the partnership of Cloud Gateway and Equinix’s
technologies will establish a vendor agnostic platform that will enable
businesses to address challenges.


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“One of our key priorities is to expand Equinix’s go-to-market engine, investing behind the significant momentum we have helping customers implement hybrid and multicloud as their architecture of choice,” said Oren Yehudai, Senior Director of Channel Partnerships EMEA, Equinix.

“Partnering with companies like Cloud Gateway enhancing our
ecosystems and gives customers more cloud opportunities along their IT
transformation journey.”

Elsewhere, Cloud Gateway received public sector network
(PSN) accreditation last month to support the Government’s shift in the usage of
cloud technology with the aim of decreasing its reliance on the public sector

The company announced that it provides secure connectivity
between existing PSN services, and private and public cloud environments that
Government bodies can migrate to, at the same time as preserving the backbone
pan-Government PSN connectivity.

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