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BENGALURU: Cloud computing will soon play a prominent role in classrooms of government schools and colleges across Karnataka.

The state which prides itself in having a large IT-savvy workforce, has begun the spadework to introduce cloud-based educational platforms in all its educational institutions as part its delayed digitisation programme. “We have invited tenders to take up digitisation of classrooms using cloud data storage and providing e-textbooks and e-learning tools to government school students,” said state libraries department director Satish Kumar, who has been entrusted with the task.

The government has earmarked Rs 5 crore for digitisation in cloud storage and it’s expected to be released depending on response to tenders. He said about 10 lakh students will benefit since they can e-learn any subject from their homes.

According to official sources, the government plans to digitise the learning tools and textbooks for students from Class 1 to Class 12. This will help students who often have to wait for months to procure government printed textbooks. “Once the project is implented, students can download textbooks on their mobiles and tablets,’’ Kumar said..

Cloud computing will also provide digital content on competitive examinations including the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC). “We plan to include question papers for three preceding years,” said Kumar.

Representatives of the primary schools teachers association and PU teachers association admitted they have no clue about this project. “If they want to digitise textbooks and learning tools, they should first ensure basic infrastructure. While some schools have computers, many have no power. What’s the point of digitisation if there are no computers or power to operate them?” said Basavaraj Gurikar, vice-president, All-India Primary Teachers’ Association.

Thimmaiah Purle, member, PU Teachers’ Association added: “Many teachers and students are not well versed in computers.” However, he said, using cloud computing to store and digitise textbooks may help but learning tools may take long especially in remote parts of the state.

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