5th annual leadership summit explores diversity and artificial intelligence
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FALLS CHURCH, Va. – At the 5th annual leadership summit, more than 200 Virginia leaders across the community were invited to show up together, sharing stories related to their businesses to help tackle regional issues. 

The transformative, one-day summit explored key themes such as the idea of conscious leadership, or how to balance emotional stability, work and physical health. 

“Things are speeding up, so that idea of really slowing down to be grounded and connected to people has really strong legs because it enables people to pause and think about whats important and how they interact with others,” Elaine said.  

Other topics discussed were digitization and how it impacts talent. 

“Your people are at home doing so many amazing things on their phones but then they go to work and they’re stuck doing paper-based activities,” Elaine said. 

Breakout workshop leader, and founder of The Silverene Group, Shaara Roman, explored the shift that business need to make as “generation z” enters the workforce. 

“They have access to information, the think operate and funcation very differently so we have to really adapt our workplaces to deal with those challenges,” Roman said.

 Participants were also challenged to think about the future of technology as it relates to leadership and business. 

“Augmented intelligence is where we are today with Siri and Alexa. This [autonomous intelligence] is where the future is,” Wendy Swire, Principal of Swire Solutions LLC said. 

She defined autonomous intelligence as technology telling us how to manage and lead. 

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